martes, 22 de enero de 2008

The Coffee Series (Sunday´s Coffee and Milk)

9:35AM, alone, coffee, down on the floor...then LeGourde showed up:

Sunday´s Coffee and Milk

When the person you trust most
takes the drama to the extreme,

Things have to be done
in order for things to heal.

Take the time and step back
for a better view of the scene,

That person is not a lab rat,
but a puzzle that refuses to give in.

Not ready to forgive the past?
You´re afraid it might reapear.

I´ve told you 1,971 times
that I lied to you, but now I´m clean.

You´re a precious Jewel to me,
but with a flaw in your design.

I´ve shown the door that reveals it,
but I can´t push you to the light.


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